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Benefits of ebikes and YES, you still get exercise!

Riding an ebike is a lot like riding a regular bike with the added boost of an electric motor. And having this motor with pedal assist has some advantages:

It’s impossible to ride one without smiling

That’s the truth! Passionate traditional bike riders —enjoy tossing a leg over a pedal-assist bike so much that we often hear folks calling them “wow/wheee!” bikes. We’re willing to bet you’ll agree.

Improved physical health

Some people may think because the bike is electric and takes less effort to ride that it's not really exercise. The truth is that even with pedal assist, riders still have to pedal which results in burning calories. It's a great cardiovascular exercise that can help build endurance and muscle.

Easier to ride

Pedal assist gives riders a boost. It helps with hills, inclines, and rough terrain, allowing for a smoother ride thus reducing stress on joints. You can also ride with greater power and precision than a regular bike. And it gets people cycling who may not otherwise ride a traditional bike because of physical aches and pains. Additionally, you can take longer rides without physical exhaustion.

Better mental health

Ebikes make cycling more accessible, and people are more likely to do it because it's easier, getting about the same workout with less the effort. For those who may be living an otherwise sedentary life, riding an ebike gets them moving and in nature. This exercise, change in scenery, and fresh air helps improve mood, reduces stress, provides for a more restful sleep, and increases productivity.

Great alternative to cars

Ebikes are great for commuting to work a few miles away and for running quick errands. Because it's classified as a bike, in many cities, you can ride on sidewalks and in bike lanes, and cut across parks. With alternative ways to travel to your destination, your commute can be faster than a car stuck in traffic. When people ride their ebike instead of driving, they cut down on gas and pollution, helping to improve air quality and the environment.

Faster and safe

Most cyclists travel 10 to 12mph, but an e-bike can average 20mph. Ebikes allow you to get to your destination faster than a regular bike. Ebikes are not more dangerous than regular bikes. They just have different risks. Ebikes tend to be safer than regular bikes because you can accelerate to get out of the way faster, and travel at higher speeds, keeping up with traffic.


Generally, the mainstream cost for a quality ebike will range between $1200-$3500

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